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Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience. However, fulfilling the dream of having a child is something not all of us are fortunate enough to experience. To this end, the centre combines high-technology, expertise and caring which can help you to complete your family. Lack of ability to conceive is not just a female's problem, but may affect males as well. A large number of treatment options are available at our centre to treat a wide variety of causes and issues that result in lack of conception.

A strong commitment to fulfill dreams of infertile couples has been the driving force for untiring efforts in this direction. Dr R. L. Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre is well equipped and most advanced infertility centre in India giving success rates which is at par with international standard.

We offer full spectrum of fertility care. We take the time to provide all necessary information, guidance and support in order for our patients to make truly informed decisions. Last but not the least we are committed to provide outstanding infertility treatment at affordable price.

“Our aim at Dr R. L. Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre is to provide infertile couple a solution to their problem through advanced techniques & state of the art facilities. We provide at our centre tailor made solutions to their individual problems. We help such childless couple to regain their lost confidence through counseling.

Our vision is to make it possible for such couples to be blessed with babies of their own and to give such childless couples individual & personalized care."

Dr Priya Agarwal
Senior Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
Infertility & IVF specialist

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